Mytulus LLC is a full service distribution company for the following two European fashion brands; AMSTERDAM HERITAGE (leather belts and bags) and BUDDHA TO BUDDHA (sterling silver jewelry).



Handmade leather belts and bags


.925 sterling silver jewelry


Mytulus works closely together with multiple European leather belt and bag designers and can consequently offer a wide array of customized leather designs and private label collections. Mytulus takes pride in being a reliable resource for its retail partners when it comes to trending leather looks at an affordable value with an on time delivery.



Born and raised a Dutchman, Frido van Mossel studied International Management at the Haarlem Business School in The Netherlands. As part of this program, he came to the United States in 2001 as an exchange student to study International Business at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

After his graduation, starting in 2004 while based in Florida, Frido represented and distributed multiple European fashion brands. In 2007 he moved to New York City where he opened a fashion showroom and founded the company Mytulus LLC (named after his last name “Mossel” which comes from the Ancient Latin word “Mytulus”).

In 2011 Mytulus relocated again to South Florida. The core focus of Mytulus is to build loyal, long-lasting relationships with its buyers and retailers by offering unique European looks.

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